Sunday, February 27, 2011

Korova Award Winners: Best Films of 2010!

My Anti-Oscar awards continue with the ten greatest films from 2010 that you’ve probably neither seen nor heard of. The RED RIDING TRILOGY and CARLOS were television film trilogies (which is only a oxymoron in the United States were television vomits entertainment to the masses) that had a theatrical run and rise miles above the talented mediocrity of every Best Picture Oscar nominee. DOGTOOTH is nominated in the Best Foreign Film category but it won’t win: it’s too sexually relevant , intelligent and spiritually ambiguous to garner Hollywood’s political favor. It would be like awarding Michael Haneke a Best Director award instead of Steven Spielberg. So when you’re finished watching the paint-by-the-numbers Oscar nominees and get a bit tired of the same old story, check out a few from my list and be prepared to have your expectations denuded and deconstructed.
  1. RED RIDING TRILOGY (1974 - Julian Jarrold; 1980 - James Marsh; 1983 - Anand Tuker, UK)
  2. CARLOS (Olivier Assayas, France & Germany)
  3. DOGTOOTH (Yorgos Lanthimos, Greece)
  4. FISH TANK (Andrea Arnold, UK)
  5. UN PROPHETE (Jaques Audiard, France)
  6. MOTHER (Bong Joon-ho, South Korea)
  7. WHITE MATERIAL (Claire Denis, France)
  9. CERTIFIED COPY (Abbas Kiarostami, France)
  10. THE GHOST WRITER (Roman Polanski, UK)


robertosmeeth said...

Hey, Alex. Long time no read!

I can't say that I've actually seen most of the movies on your list (which doesn't surprise me), but I have seen 'Ghost Writer' and wonder exactly what it was about that film that you liked so much. I thought it was way sub par compared to Polanski's best films. I didn't hate it, but except for the Eli Wallach cameo, I found pretty unmemorable and a lot like scores of other political thrillers I've seen. 'Black Swan'? *Harumph!*

Alex DeLarge said...

Hi Rob! Good to hear from you:) I Liked BLACK SWAN and wrote a nice review but have been so lazy in keeping up with my blog the past few months. My thoughts on GHOST WRITER haven't fully congealed but i liked the bleak ending...and the subtle trip that leads to the dead end. It's definately minor Polanski but I liked his way of toying with genre convention (like expecting a big car chase) and taking us in a skewed direction. I didn't recognize Wallach until I read his name in the credits but his voice is so distinct I kept trying to place it.

I'm now reading the UK crime novels RED RIDING (four novels though only three films) and highly recommend! You can rent them from netflix.

robertosmeeth said...

I'd love to hear what you thought of the actual Oscar nominees....especially 'True Grit', 'Black Swan', 'The King's Speech', and 'Winter's Bone'. Also...have you tackled 'Le Cercle Rouge' or 'Tell No One' yet? It's really too bad Netflix did away with their Friends feature.

Alex DeLarge said...

I just watched Melville's lE CERCLE ROUGE and ARMY OF SHADOWS and both are masterpieces! I'll have to write reviews soon:)

I thought KING'S SPEECH was a good "Lifetime" flick, meaning rather inconsequential for my tastes, didn't see TRUE GRIT (though I generally like the Cohens), and WINTER'S BONE and BLACK SWAN were the most liberating nominees.

I like the truism of WB, the location filming and use of non-actors but thought it missed its target: I nver formed a proper connection with the daughter and thus failed to move me. Same with BW, and I'll post my review soon!

Netflix is a bummer now: no friends feature to share recommendations and they don't carry Criterion blu-ry upgrades. I've cut back and would jump to another outlet (like BB) if they just had the deep classic catalogue.