Friday, November 27, 2009

THE CONSTANT GARDNER (Fernando Meirelles, 2005, UK) From the director of CITY OF GOD (#6 on my Top Ten of 2003!) comes his masterful sophomore film based on John Le Carres' novel about the deadly politics of Pharmaceutical cartels in third world countries. Tessa is the wife of British diplomat Justin Quayle who, through her dogged determination and concern for humanity, discovers a murderous plot by a giant pharmaceutical company that is testing its drugs on the poor and sick patients in an African community: the patients are guinea pigs and the disastrous results are misreported to ensure the successful world-wide acceptance of the drug. When Tessa is silenced her husband picks up the fight and begins to implicate the British government and many "higher-ups". His determination correlates to the deep and inspiring love he felt for his wife as he fights the good fight against insurmountable odds. Meirelles gets his camera in close to the people and events, which gives this film an almost documentary feel, much like his first film. Rachel Weisz’s (Tessa) performance is exceptional and she took home the Oscar. (B)


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

This is a nice film, I love the documentary feel to it and Mereilles manages to balance the suspense part with the love story...and Rachel Wesz is so luminous.

OS. I hate that Fiennes' understated introverted performance is so often underrated.

Alex DeLarge said...

Unfortunately, Mereilles' third film BLINDNESS was horrible: my review is in the archives. But this film was overlooked by many and hope others discover this gem!