Saturday, January 31, 2009

DEATH'S HEAD REVISITED:THE TWILIGHT ZONE, SEASON 3, EPISODE #74 (Don Medford, 1961, TV) There was a time when television didn't insult our intelligence. This disc contains one of the most important episodes in TV history DEATH'S HEAD REVISITED: Years after the end of WWII, a Nazi commander secretly travels back to Dachau to reminisce about the war. He is haunted by the caretaker who is the ghost of a Jew he murdered. The spirit doesn't take vengeance upon him (as you might expect) but instead tears down his psyche until the Nazi is finally confronted with the truth of his own actions...and goes mad. The episode ends with a question; " Dachau, why do we keep it standing?" Here is Rod Serling's closing statement: "There is an answer to the doctor's question. All the Dachau's must remain standing. The Dachaus, the Belsens, the Buchenwalds, the Auschwitzes--all of them. They must remain standing because they are a monument to a moment in time when some men decided to turn the Earth into a graveyard. Into it they shoveled all of their reason, their logic, their knowledge, but worst of all, their conscience. And the moment we forget this, the moment we cease to be haunted by its remembrance, then we become the gravediggers. Something to dwell on and remember, not only in the Twilight Zone but wherever men walk God's Earth." (A)

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