Sunday, January 11, 2009

ROCKET SCIENCE (Jeffrey Blitz, 2007, USA) A somewhat enjoyable little film that tries a bit too hard to be like Wes Anderson’s RUSHMORE. I just didn’t buy into Hal’s motivation to join the debating team after meeting Ginny one time; I felt this was the writer setting up a cute story. I can’t believe a boy who stutters would join the debating team and stay on even after his “love interest” switches to another school. Revenge notwithstanding, I believe Hal’s actions are too much the product of the creators…and not natural extensions of the story. The film does have a few surprises because it doesn’t always give us the predictable coming-of-age character developments and I especially like the ending. The voice-over narration was a bit intrusive and totally unnecessary; it didn’t help to progress the plot or offer any unique insight. The choice of the Femmes music was also a bit too easy…it’s like the film was just trying too hard to be cool. (C)

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