Sunday, January 11, 2009

INTERVIEW (Steve Buscemi, 2007, USA) What happens when the interviewer becomes the interviewee? Steve Buscemi writes, acts, and directs this intimate portrait of two characters that try to manipulate and outsmart each other through tangled words and emotions. Buscemi is political reporter Pierre Peders who is assigned a fluff-piece…much to his chagrin. His interview is with the current Hollywood commodity in the shape of Katya, ably portrayed by Sienna Miller. The film literally revolves around these two characters with only two set pieces; a brief restaurant scene and her NYC loft. The verbal sparring and emotional right-hooks remind me of Burton and Taylor in WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? Through the course of an evening emotional barriers are razed and psyches shattered as the truth is vomited out in a mind-numbing haze of coke and scotch. Or is it? My only complaint with the film is that Katya’s character eventually remains undefined and superficial while Pierre’s motives are clearly understood. (B-)

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