Friday, December 5, 2008

SUNSHINE (Danny Boyle, 2007, UK) Danny Boyle regurgitates nearly every science fiction cliché, which ultimately dims SUNSHINE and casts a deep shadow of unrealized potential. Once disbelief is suspended concerning the plot, the characters become one-dimensional caricatures and unbelievable; did you really think even for a moment that Cillian Murphy was an astrophysicist? There is no emotional attachment to any crewmember and if this is the best that humanity can offer, maybe we deserve to burn out. This was just a pseudo-intellectual homage to 2001 and SOLARIS that falls extremely short in every cinematic sense. Though the cinematography was excellent at times, I became annoyed at his flash-cut style during every action scene. My eardrums became fatigued at the overindulgence of the LFE frequency; my subwoofer actually shook items off the shelf! It’s fine for impact but not every freaking scene: Space is much scarier in the cold dark silence. The plot degenerates in its final act and ends with a bang…though it only made me whimper. Boyle should study some Kubrick and Hitchcock and learn how to generate suspense. I think I’ll apply to NASA when the hot women astronauts are required to wear tight fitting tank tops! (C)

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