Friday, December 5, 2008

GATTICA (Andrew Niccol, 1997, USA) A very interesting premise bogged down in a rather bland story about brotherly love, finding the girl of your dreams, which terminates in an unsatisfying “whodunit”. GATTICA wants to be a serious science fiction film in that it relies heavily on the science, as the fiction is a fanciful extrapolation of current facts. I think the future of genetic manipulation to the degree that Director Andrew Niccols envisions is very likely but the story is not believable. If I am led to believe that Vincent undergoes an extremely difficult operation in Jerome’s apartment then medical science should be able to regenerate his (Jerome’s) spinal cord nerve cells. Also, Vincent tries to minimize his DNA exposure while assuming the false identity but that’s just utter crap: not only would his DNA be everywhere but there is no DNA in hair or eyelashes…and why would they take a urine sample? What a waste of time! I suppose if you’re genetically perfect then you have to wear a dark suit and walk emotionless with your hands behind your back; these characterizations were absurd. The murder of the Director was not only an idiotic diversion but also only served the purpose of introducing Vincent’s long lost brother. Jude Law’s character Jerome was poorly scripted and his motivations made little sense: I suppose that disabled people are of absolutely no value in this future society…even one as smart as Jerome. I guess he couldn’t have used his superior mind to further science, write novels, or sculpt, paint…or make a decent movie. Overall, a great disappointment that tells a boring story and gets the basic science wrong. (C)

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