Tuesday, July 8, 2008

LOVE OBJECT (Robert Parigi, 2003, USA) Fortunately, this film is the antithesis of the sugary cupcake LARS AND THE REAL GIRL because it deconstructs the human recipe into its base sour ingredients. Unfortunately, that sentence was so much better than anything in this laughably contrived misogynistic malady. This is bad as in “Mystery Science Theatre” bad where the laughs come at the director’s expense, where we chuckle at the inane dialogue and wooden acting, and guffaw at the ham-handed horror. The plot concerns an idiot named Ken Winslow who develops a crush on Lisa, a temp worker assigned to help with a big project. He orders a life-like sex doll and dresses her up as Lisa to fuel his stunted fantasies. But his fantasy life takes control and he becomes slavishly obsessed with the doll (which looks like a deranged Frances McDermott!). Lisa is obviously interested in him and he reciprocates her affections…but the doll is jealous. I queued this flick because the plot is intriguing and had potential to examine potentially serious flaws in the human condition: love, sex, identity, regret, obsession, jealousy, etc. Robert Parigi’s film feels like a failed Junior Class Project: he shows no creative spark, no intrinsic photographic flair or understanding of suspense and horror. The characters are not only shallow but one-dimensional droll monotone dolls. Parigi also want us to believe that Styrofoam is unbreakable, Ken’s neighbors are hearing impaired, and cops are cavalier during the first hour of a brutal murder investigation. He also wants us to believe that this is a good film. Hint: It isn’t. (F)

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